Foundational PWW EAM Training Course Introduces the Plant Wellness Way Life Cycle Asset Management Methodology

A foundational PWW EAM training course on the basics of how Plant and Equipment Wellness Way EAM designs, builds, and embeds world class life-cycle asset management, maintenance and reliability in companies

This introduction to Plant and Equipment Wellness EAM methodology is taught by tutored, online distance learning. It covers entry level knowledge on using Plant Wellness Way EAM for world class Enterprise Asset Management, Reliability and Maintenance

You get vital new skills, insights, methods, and tools for creating a world class EAM system-of-reliability that produces the plant maintenance and equipment reliability results needed for Operational Excellence


This enterprise asset management online distance education training course teaches you the basic knowledge and techniques of the Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management (PWW EAM) methodology to design and build an asset life cycle management system for world class reliability. In this foundational PWW EAM training course you learn the fundamental knowledge, methods, analysis tools, and asset life cycle management skills used in the PWW EAM methodology. It is the life cycle asset management training course for those new to Plant Wellness Way EAM.

The learning approach of our life cycle asset management training course is slide presentations of concepts and methods, doing your own research, and personal tutoring to teach you best practice enterprise asset management, reliability and maintenance methods and strategies used in the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology. You are taught highly effective business process improvements, EAM system design, and maintenance and reliability creation methods and techniques that get world class operating asset reliability.


Details and Information on Our Foundational PWW EAM Training Course Introducing You to the World Class Life Cycle Asset Management Methodology

In the Plant Wellness Way EAM online course you learn and practice new expertise, knowledge and abilities to deliver world class maintenance, reliability and production performance. When you graduate you will know how to create world class enterprise asset management, maintenance, reliability, and production outcomes needed for operational excellence.

There are three modules in the course: 1) Reliability Foundations, 2) Designing Life Cycle Asset Management Processes, and 3) Plant and Equipment Reliability Creation. Each module includes several topics.

Your foundational PWW EAM training in life cycle asset management covers twenty (20) fundamental topics in Plant Wellness Way EAM. You can download a PDF document over-viewing the twenty EAM, reliability and maintenance training topics by clicking on this link, Plant and Equipment Wellness Way online training content.

You receive PowerPoint slides covering each course topic, a course book, and a range of operational risk management, reliability and maintenance training materials. You also get free access to 14 hours of video presentations covering all of the asset management, maintenance and reliability training content foundational to Plant Wellness Way EAM.

Each course topic has assignments to be done and submitted. You must pass all assignments to pass the course. At the end of the foundational PWW EAM training course you get a certificate confirming your successful achievement.

Immediately you join this online introductory Plant Wellness Way EAM course you get emailed a web-link to download the PowerPoint slides for the first topic. View 24 sample screens from the presentations for Modules 1 to 3 in the PDF document you can download from Plant Wellness Way EAM Training Course Powerpoint Presentations.

You also get a course book with assignment details, examples and reading materials. To view a PDF document of the course book contents download the Plant Wellness Way Asset Management Online Course Book Content Page.

Take a preview of the training videos you will watch at View the Plant and Equipment Wellness Training Videos.

You purchase each of the twenty topics individually from our online store and complete one training topic at a time. Online purchases can be paid by MasterCard, Visa, and AmEx via PayPal. Once you make payment you receive an email with the download link. You have 24 hours from purchase to download the file.

This leading-edge physical asset management training course is for the person wanting to do outstanding enterprise asset management. You’ll know how to deliver world-class production, maintenance, life-cycle asset management, and equipment reliability for exceptional production performance.

You are taught new and powerful insights that no other operational excellence training or EAM training course curriculum covers. The best practice process improvement, quality assurance, reliability and maintenance training you get gives you the vital knowledge and practices of a world class asset management practitioner.

You are fully introduced to and will practice the Plant and Equipment Wellness methodology, including all its techniques, approaches and tools. The activities you do let you understand the concepts and correctly practice Plant and Equipment Wellness Way EAM .

You get an expert human Tutor, the original PowerPoint slides for each of the 20 topics in the course, and 14 hours of training videos on Plant Wellness Way enterprise asset management, reliability and maintenance excellence. It’s an online life cycle asset management training course that gives you deep understanding and right insights on the best ways to create a world class EAM system.


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More about this Foundational PWW EAM Training Course in Plant Wellness Way Life Cycle Asset Management

Plant and Equipment Wellness is an enterprise asset management methodology that eliminates operational and business risk. The foundational PWW EAM training gives you right thinking, right concepts, and right practices. You learn a standard method combining world class life cycle asset management, business process improvement, work quality assurance, reliability engineering, and maintenance management to get operational excellence in industrial operations. You learn all the Plant Wellness Way methods for designing and building the best enterprise, operational and maintenance processes that gain massive competitive advantage for companies.

You apply and practice the IONICS processes and tools used to deliver the life cycle asset management, maintenance and reliability needed for Operational Excellence. You will know how to manage the asset life cycle to generate maximum operating profits. You will know how to apply profit-generating asset life cycle management, maintenance and reliability solutions that sets you apart as a world class enterprise asset manager.

IONICS stands for: Identify costs and risks, Order risks by criticality, Negate asset risks, Imbed risk control solutions, Chance of process success, and Synthesize continual improvements. IONICS is an acronym for the 6 steps used in the Plant Wellness Way life cycle asset management methodology to design operational excellence into industrial businesses. You use the IONICS processes to create the right business, maintenance and operational process designs that bring production success.

Each module in the Plant Wellness Way asset management training course comes with PowerPoint slides and a video to watch. You view the slides, see and listen to the video, and read the applicable course materials. You then do activities to practice the asset management, reliability and maintenance training and learning passed to you within each module.

You will need to dedicate time to learn the cutting-edge maintenance knowledge and reliability improvement tools you need to build a world class EAM system. You must complete exercises where you apply and practice highly successful and insightful enterprise asset management, maintenance, operational risk management, and reliability growth methodologies.

This world-leading life cycle asset management training teaches you to build lifecycle-wide systems-of-reliability for industrial assets, plant and equipment. You master powerful solutions and the right reliability concepts to let you deliver the best reliability and maintenance performance in industrial operations.

Learn to Build an EAM System-of-Reliability and Use Maintenance and Reliability to Slash Losses, Wastes and Excesses for Optimum Operating Profits

Through doing the Plant Wellness Way life cycle asset management training course you come to deeply understand how to create world class plant and equipment reliability. You learn to design and build a system-of-reliability that will power any enterprise asset management framework, such as ISO 55000 – ISO 55001 Asset Management, ISO 20815 Production assurance and reliability management, and the like.

You will master the Plant Wellness Way methodology to change industrial performance to world class operational excellence success. You learn to turn a company’s operating performance around with your best-in-class physical asset management, reliability and maintenance training. Your EAM system-of-reliability knowledge will bring your business new operating profits. The Plant Wellness Way methods you master give you the right tools and reliability solutions to vastly improve operations, maintenance and business results.

The life cycle asset management, reliability creation and maintenance management training you do teaches you how to build a system-of-reliability that:

  • brings operational excellence performance,
  • improves business and production results,
  • maximizes both asset life-cycle reliability and operating profit,
  • prevents ‘silo’ thinking by integrating department efforts,
  • produces holistic business processes that are self-sustaining,
  • delivers complete and comprehensive reliability solutions, and
  • drives continually improvement of your operation to world class success.


Depending on your situation, it normally takes about 12 months to complete the course on a part-time training basis. You can do the course in less than 12 months if you wish. It is a self-paced course and the speed at which you do the training is up to you.

Modules are downloaded over the Internet and you require a fast and stable broadband Internet connection. If you do not have such a connection then find someone who has and who can copy the module onto a CD or USB drive and send it to you. We only provide the Internet download and will not post a CD or USB drive to your home address or your office.

Having reliability or maintenance qualifications is helpful when doing the training, but they are not a necessity to do the course. People with industrial equipment operation and maintenance experience will comfortably handle the course content. People with less technical and equipment knowledge than those who have a mechanical or electrical trade or higher qualifications will need to do more background reading and research. You can do additional research and reading on the Internet for the topics covered in the course. Your Tutor can also help you by answering questions. Much reference information is provided in the first module download.

In the Plant and Equipment Wellness Way training course you practice its life cycle asset management, reliability, and maintenance concepts and techniques by doing assignments in each module. You can discuss course material and assignments with the supervisory people, engineers and department management in your company to help you learn the course content and do the activities. The work you submit must be your own work containing your own thinking, understanding and effort.

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