Applied Plant Wellness Way EAM Training Course for World Class Operating Asset Reliability at Your Site

Take Your Assets to World Class Reliability in this Tutored Training Project to Create a Plant Wellness Way EAM System-of-Reliability in Your Operation

You use and master the six IONICS processes of the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology by applying them under your Tutor’s stewardship on the assets you select from your operation to make world class reliable and profitable


This applied and tutored Plant Wellness Way EAM training course gets you doing a project on your operating assets to build a truly successful Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system that gets your chosen equipment to world class reliability. You’ll use the six IONICS processes to get highest equipment uptime, least maintenance cost, and the utmost operating profits for your company. At the end of your project you will be able to proficiently use the Plant Wellness Way EAM (PWWEAM) methodology to get your other operating assets to world class reliability.


The First Scientific, Holistic, Life-Cycle EAM System Design, Construction, and Implementation Methodology

You’ll quickly learn to use the world’s first holistic, life-cycle-long Enterprise Asset Management Methodology based on scientific principles. You do a project to let you understand and master this simple, totally effective EAM methodology that removes all the guess-work inherent in historic EAM approaches. Follow this webpage link to read an overview of Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness with Plant Wellness Way EAM that you learn in detail in the course.


Only 6 New Students per Month

Due to Expert Tutor time constraints only six (6) new student positions are available each month. This necessitates we review and assess prospective student enrollments and make offers to the six people we choose. The choice of who is offered a place in the course is completely at our discretion and no discussions will be entered into once an offer is made.

The PWWEAM course content is simple to learn and do, however the course workload is high. If you were to do an equivalent EAM course full-time the training would require a minimum of two-weeks to complete. Over the three-months of the course you must be able to devote in the order of 100 hours to do the work necessary to learn and apply the complete Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology.


Huge on Application; Low in Theory

The course is strictly kept to three (3) months because we want you to rapidly develop practical capabilities to use so you can quickly improve your operation’s physical assets. You’ll be doing hands-on, in-the-workplace activities where you gain immediate learning and skills in Plant Wellness Way EAM analysis, investigation, and solutions development.

When it’s necessary to appreciate and understand the background knowledge to the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology you’ll turn to the course textbook, Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness, to read what you need to know. You buy the textbook, with all its spreadsheet templates, from either its publisher Industrial Press, or at Amazon Books.



Both hard-copy and Kindle compatible soft-copy are available. All other training materials will be sent to you via Dropbox file sharing as they are required during the course.


Work Directly with a World-Class Expert

Your tutor is an expert in Plant Wellness Way EAM. Their job is to ensure all the right knowledge and skills are transferred to you by the end of the course. They will be truly proactive in their support of you by encouraging you through the course content and guiding you to do the methodology correctly, effectively, and efficiently. They’ll help you get the right insights and sound practices to successfully do PWWEAM.


3-Month Plant Wellness Way EAM Training Course Content and Registration Form

Get the brochure and the registration form you need to complete and send to us for the 3-Month Plant Wellness Way EAM Training Course by clicking the following link to download a PDF flyer with information on the training course content and coverage you will do: PDF Flyer and Registration Form for the 3-Month, Tutored Plant Wellness Way EAM Training Course.


Not sure that this is the right life cycle asset management training for you? Contact Us and tell us what you want to achieve from the course, and we’ll advise you.


Cost of the 3-Month Plant Wellness Way EAM Training Course

The cost per student to do the tutored, online distance education training course is noted on the enrollment request form in the PDF brochure. Full payment must be made prior starting the training. Our 100% Money Back Guarantee is also explained in the course PDF brochure.

Your Training Certificate is Issued on Completion

Once you complete the training course you will get a certificate acknowledging your dedicated effort and wonderful achievement.


Plant Wellness Way EAM is Fully Compatible with the ISO 55001 Asset Management Standard

The EAM methodology taught in the Plant Wellness Way EAM Training Course by tutored, online, distance education is fully compatible with the ISO 55001 Asset Management Requirements standard and the other ISO 55000 suite of documents.