Plant Wellness Way Site Team Member Training Course

Plant Wellness Way Site Team Member Training Course


This course is for anyone who is looking for the true answers to their reliability, risk reduction, and asset management questions. It is an ideal pathway for all levels of management and engineers to learn exactly what needs to be changed, and how to do so, to improve operational performance.

The course is broken into three main sections, 1) Foundational Concepts for Reliability, 2) Operational Excellence Processes, and 3) Reliability Creation.

This course is available to companies and individuals. Onsite training courses are individually quoted and priced on request. Contact us for more information.

This short course on the Plant Wellness Way methodology is available through online training and coaching, and as a three-day in-person, onsite course.

You will learn how to use the Plant Wellness Way methodology to design and implement operational processes that produce outstanding equipment reliability and improves operational profits. This course provides you with simple ways to infuse the PWW approach into your existing systems and how to understand from both a technical and management perspective what it takes achieve outstanding operational performance.

  • Understand how systems and work processes combine to define production performance and plant reliability
  • Establish systems for optimal asset health
  • Remove causes of failure from operations
  • Use financially focused operational and equipment risk analysis tools to make informed business decisions.

$1497.00 USD per person for the whole course, plus GST (10%) if purchasing from Australia


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