“Learn More PWW in an Hour” Online Upskilling and Training Presentations

“Learn More PWW in an Hour” Online Upskilling and Training Presentations


View streamed, online presentations of topics and key information vital to Enterprise Asset Management, maintenance, reliability, and Operational Excellence success

Learn and use the knowledge, techniques, tools, solutions, and insights of a PWW EAM System-of-Reliability

Each webinar costs USD $27.

Learn More PWW in an Hour Topics

Maximum of 1-hour long, solution-focused webinars each explaining a vitally important topic related to EAM, maintenance, reliability, or Operational Excellence. Presentations start with the foundational knowledge, followed by a complete explanation of the relevant methodology, as well as a fully worked example. The webinar ends with a review of the content and a final wrap-up.

Free, bonus, comprehensive guidance notes are provided as a PDF document. The guide notes contain an explanation of the topic, a detailed description of applying its methodology, and a complete example of its use. The guidance notes are yours to keep and to share with others. Any questions following a webinar can be emailed to our head office to respond.

Purchase a seat to view a presentation by using the Shop cart. Look for the short Online Shop Product Name in the "Choose an option" button dropdown list and select it to add it to the cart. Choose all the presentations you want to view and then make payment. A receipt confirming registration is automatically sent to your email address.

Determine Plant and Equipment Risk Criticality

Assess the full extent of inherent risks an item of plant and equipment brings to your operation and business so you can pick the most effective risk elimination strategies.

Email Head Office for DetailsEquipment Criticality
Determine Spare Parts Inventory Risk Criticality

Identify critical and non-critical components and assemblies and carry the right critical, insurance, and strategic spare parts inventory.

Email Head Office for DetailsSpare Parts Criticality
Plotting Your “Risk Windows” on a Risk Matrix

Show the range of risks caused to your organization from its operating and maintenance strategies, practices, and choices on a risk matrix.

Email Head Office for DetailsPlotting Risk Windows
Operating Asset Reliability Calculations: Availability, MTBF, MTTR, Uptime/Downtime, etc.

Using basic reliability engineering formulas to assess and monitor performance of operating plant and equipment and spot problem assets.

Email Head Office for DetailsReliability Calculations
Discover Hidden Process Secrets and Make Effective Process Improvements with KPI Distribution Plots

Get your business processes to ‘speak’ to you by charting their process performance to find weaknesses, and to develop great answers to improve results.

Email Head Office for DetailsKPI Distribution Plots
“Chance of Success” Mapping for Utmost Process and Procedure Success

Investigate how to make your processes robust and anti-fragile and ensure they deliver far greater successes and productivity.

Email Head Office for DetailsChance of Success Mapping
Find and Remove Plant and Equipment Failure Causes with Physics-of-Failure FMEA

Find thousands of failure causes produced and hidden throughout the life cycle of your plant, equipment, and machinery.

Email Head Office for DetailsPhysics-of-Failure FMEA
Reliability Growth Cause Analysis for Zero Breakdowns and the Utmost Reliable Operating Assets

Select strategies and tasks to eliminate equipment failure causes from throughout plant and equipment life cycles and prevent breakdowns and stoppages during operation.

Email Head Office for DetailsRGCA



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