Applied PWW EAM Online Training and Tutoring

Applied PWW EAM Online Training and Tutoring


Design, build, and install an integrated life-cycle EAM system for outstanding reliability, productivity, and zero-breakdown operating assets.

This course is perfect for any individual or company that is interested in experiencing the benefits of Plant Wellness Way methodology in a practical manner, prior to business wide implementation.

To ensure that all students receive tailored tutoring support only 6 students will be accepted every 3 months. Contact us to find out with the next course begins.

Our only project-focused tutoring and training course offering, the Applied PWW EAM Online Training course takes you through the full IONICS process with practical experience. The course takes you through the necessary theory in an efficient manner so that you can engage in hands-on workplace-based activities to further your practical application of the content.

Your project is based on an operating asset in your life. Using this as an example, you will build an EAM system that brings your chosen equipment to world class reliability. At the end of your project you will be able to proficiently use the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology on any operating asset to achieve optimal operational performance.

During the course you get all the details on the methods you need to use to get world class operational asset reliability and excellent equipment performance. You will get your enterprise asset management system to deliver least production costs and highest profit margins by:

  • Controlling the inherent variability in business and operating processes to within designated limits,
  • Eliminating your operational risk by reducing the likelihood of adverse incidents, along with minimizing their consequences,
  • Using failure preventing quality standards throughout your plant and equipment lifetime, including capital equipment acquisition and installation,
  • Stopping human error with accuracy-controlled procedures, thereby ensuring world class precision quality in all workplace activity and human interventions,
  • Minimizing total life cycle costs with proactive ‘what-if’ modelling to see what robs your operating profits

$2,497.00 USD for the entire course and coaching, plus GST (10%) if purchasing from Australia.


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