Plant Wellness Way EAM Training Course

Understand and use Plant Wellness Way methods and tools to create life-cycle EAM strategies and system, and the business and operational processes and systems that are crucial to achieving operational excellence

The full range of Plant Wellness Way training courses is available to you through online learning, and for those with no travel restrictions, there are in-person and in-house training options. A Plant Wellness Way training course is the only means to master and be certified to use the world’s first holistic asset management methodology. Our courses teach you to use PWW life-cycle EAM methodology to transform your industrial performance to one of world class success.

By completing a Plant Wellness Way training course, you will be able to apply the knowledge learnt into your operations for exceptional results, including;

  • Access your ‘hidden factory’ capacity for free, extra production capacity,
  • Consistent first-pass quality products,
  • Sustained maximum throughput,
  • Dependable, predictable production capacity,
  • Zero breakdowns and high plant availability, and
  • 100%-dependable full production.

Each course contains knowledge, tools, and processes that can be applied to any company’s operating systems and will produce these outstanding, repeatable results. The content covered shows you how to create a system of reliability, with sure pathways to achieve world-class performance.

On completion of a course, you will receive certification from us. Once certified, everyone will know that you are trained in, and capable of greatly improving industrial operations the Plant Wellness Way to achieve world class enterprise asset management, reliability, and maintenance success.

PWW Site Team Member Training Course

You will learn how to use the Plant Wellness Way methodology to design and implement operational processes that produce outstanding equipment reliability and improves operational profits.

  • Understand how systems and work processes combine to define production performance and plant reliability,
  • Establish systems for optimal asset health and remove causes of failure, and
  • Use financially focused operational and equipment risk analysis tools to make informed business decisions.

PWW Certified Practitioner Training Course

The only full, in-depth training on the Plant Wellness Way methodology available. Gain a complete understanding of the best practices to develop and implement an Enterprise Asset Management system that produces outstanding production performance and equipment reliability.

Our application-based teaching method will teach you how to apply the techniques and tools covered to your and any company.

Life Cycle Asset Management Training Course

The course contains three modules, 1) Reliability Foundations, 2) Designing Life Cycle Asset Management Processes, and 3) Plant and Equipment Reliability Creation. Each module includes several topics.

When you complete this courses you will know Plant Wellness Way system-of-reliability solutions that let you create an integrated, life-cycle, business-wide enterprise asset management system designed from the ground up to deliver world class operational, lifecycle asset management, reliability and maintenance results.

Learning Packages

All of the Plant Wellness Way courses are available digitally for your convince and safety. You receive the same high quality training directly at your place of work, with support provided via video-conferencing. To learn more about how you can get Plant Wellness Way courses online, contact us directly.

Applied PWW EAM Online Training and Tutoring

Our only project-focused tutoring and training course offering, the Applied PWW EAM Online Training course takes you through the full IONICS process with practical experience. The course takes you through the necessary theory in an efficient manner so that you can engage in hands-on workplace-based activities to further your practical application of the content.

This course is perfect for any individual or company that is interested in experiencing the benefits of Plant Wellness Way methodology in a practical manner, prior to business wide implementation.

Operational Excellence Training Course PPT Slide Deck

The PWW to Operational Excellence Training Course PPT presentations cover the foundational concepts that produce world-class asset maintenance and reliability performance. These PPT slides and associated resources provide you with clear, scientifically based tools and processes that make a world-class operation.

This pack includes:

  • The full slide deck from the PWW to Operational Excellence Training Course,
  • Plant Wellness Way to Operational Excellence Training Course book,
    14 hours of videos, and
  • Additional articles on key aspects of the PWW asset management methodology.

How does Plant Wellness Way Work?

Core to the Plant Wellness Way methodology is an understanding that there is only one cause of failure – component distress. Based on materials science, we teach you how to redesign your operational processes so they deliver outstanding production performance and reduced operating costs. PWW is a simple, logical, and effective method to generate real operational excellence from your existing. By identifying, monitoring, and removing the root causes of component distress you will turnaround poor operating assets. These issues stay removed from your operations because you are now using the best asset management and maintenance processes that support operational excellence. Read more about how PWW works, the processes, and science that brings it all together.

Praise for Plant Wellness Way Training Courses

“I have enjoyed the course immensely as it has broadened my area of knowledge and given me the confidence to press ahead with my plan for changes at work.”

— United Kingdom

“Very good, some good concepts to take back to work which could help our business.”

— Maintenance Consultancy

“Very informative and useful, our up-line managers and superintendents could also benefit from this information.”

— Processing Operations, Australia


Guarantee World Class Reliability Success for Yourself. Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness: The Complete Guide to Successful Enterprise Asset Management

Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness: The Complete Guide to Successful Enterprise Asset Management explains how to use system reliability engineering principles to design and build robust, reliable, and self-improving companies. This book explains how to develop and use integrated business systems to achieve optimal production performance and make operating fortunes.

Written by operating asset management expert Mike Sondalini, the book explains why and how Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology ensures engineering, operating, and business processes and workflows that get operational excellence.

Plant Wellness Way EAM is explained in Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness book

I have been focusing on RCM while at Toyota Motor Manufacturing NA. When I found Industrial Maintenance Wellness it bridged the gap between operational failures and component molecular failures. Mike’s process are excellent and the documents he has develop shows deep understanding of how components fail and how to prevent performance loss. I recommend it as part of a any library, for studies in reliability or team, as training tool it excels reducing the leaning curve.

Mike Burgett

United States