The true cost of maintenance to a company includes the lost production time, cost of utilities not used, overhead costs, handover costs and more.

A 6-step procedure that guides you and your organization, department, and team to analyze your business and operational risks, and develop an enterprise asset management system that is purpose-built to deliver your organization world class reliability.

IONICS combines principles from materials science, risk management, equipment reliability, systems engineering, and group psychology. Included in this process is a series of tools that guide business risk management and maintenance strategy development-based decision making.

The value of including these ‘hidden’ maintenance costs is to motivate you, your team, and your managers to make smart business decisions and use effective life cycle asset management strategies and practices. The smartest solution is to use work processes and procedures that eliminate the need for maintenance and repair work. By implementing Plant Wellness Way 3T ACE standard operating procedures into your company you can create a system-of-work that ensures optimal reliability and equipment performance. The first step to making this change is to understand how significant are the maintenance and consequential costs of plant and equipment breakdowns to your company.

True Cost of Maintenance

Maintenance Costs – Parts, Trade Labour, Subcontractors

Production Costs – Downtime, Production Losses, Overheads

Consequential Costs – Lost Sales, Curtailed Asset Life, Administration

It is a smart business decision to eliminate breakdowns because the cost of failure is so huge. It is also smart business to eliminate maintenance because the cost of maintenance is also so huge. The best way to eliminate the need for equipment maintenance is by doing all you can to get the utmost equipment reliability.