How the Plant Wellness Way EAM Methodology Builds an Operating Asset Life Cycle Management System


 Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management methodology requires its users to ensure the entire asset life cycle is designed and built to eliminate plant and equipment failures of every type. The PWWEAM methodology achieves that by using a component stress to business process design model, abbreviated to the Stress to Process EAM model. It is a bottom-up approach starting with the Physics of Failure mechanisms that can destroy parts, through to building the best business asset life cycle management system and processes that proactively eliminates and prevents those mechanisms. The operating assets in organizations that follow PWWEAM methodology do not fail during use because failure causes have been intentionally removed from throughout the life cycle.

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 Organizational problems this article helps you to address:

      •  Check if your EAM system is designed and built to eliminate operating asset failures.
      • Gives you a scientifically correct EAM model that proactively removes failure causes.
      • Provides an EAM framework to design and embed processes that ensure utmost reliability.

The cube in the image below represents a physical asset; any physical asset; every physical asset.

 The large circles in the cube denote the assemblies and subassemblies that make up the asset. The smaller circles inside some of the assembly circles represent the individual parts in each assembly and subassembly.


If we could look through an electron microscope into a part, we would see the microstructure of the material-of-construction the item is made of. At much greater magnification we would see the molecular and atomic arrangement making up the matter of the microstructure. All operating assets in every organisation are so constructed—equipment made of assemblies, made of parts, made of materials-of-construction microstructure, made of atomic matter.

 Once its microstructure fails, a part is broken. Once a part fails, the assembly it is in stops working. Once an assembly fails, the equipment breaks down. All physical asset failure happens because a part’s microstructure is compromised.

 This simple science-based logic of “first the microstructure fails, then the part breaks, then the equipment stops” is why Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology uses the Stress to Process EAM model shown below to identify and build the right business processes needed to ensure parts never fail and equipment never breaks down.


The ‘MICROSTRUCTURE STRESS TO ORGANIZATIONAL PROCESSES MODEL’ is the framework followed in designing and building a PWWEAM system-of-reliability. Starting with a component’s microstructure every cause of microstructure failure is identified.

 Where the risk from a microstructure failure is unacceptable, strategies to eliminate the cause are reviewed and chosen. The required actions, tasks, activities, and resources are placed at their appropriate point in the asset’s life cycle to prevent or reduce the chance of a cause occurring. By following the Stress to Process EAM framework the best risk control and elimination solutions are designed and locked into place as part of the PWWEAM system-of-reliability.

 In this way PWWEAM methodology creates the ideal, optimal EAM system, processes, and procedures to maximize operating success and profits.

Mike Sondalini
PWWEAM System-of-Reliability
30 May 2022