You Need to Deliberately Create Reliability

Reliability is something that can be created. It is the result of the standards, processes, and practices that are used. By removing causes of failures and controlling the factors that allow their creation, you proactively eliminate failure events. By eliminating failures, you deliberately create reliability. The reliability creating processes in the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology let any operation or site reach the heights of world class operating asset reliability.

It is key for your organization’s success that your people know it is the failure of component parts which causes machines to breakdown. First a part fails, THEN your machines stop. The cost of each failure event to your company is significant – as much as 10 to 30 times the cost of the repair.

You need to address the reasons that your failures occur. Either degradation or damage to their microstructure is why parts fail. With the accuracy-controlled Standard Operating Procedures you build using Plant Wellness Way methodology you instill work processes that effectively mitigate and prevent causes of parts failure in your company.

Accuracy-controlled work processes will:

  • Reduce the variation of how a component functions,
  • Ensure quality, timely maintenance on all components, and
  • Standardize machine operation to minimize microstructure stresses.

The result is that risks of high microstructure stress (the cause of component failure) in the parts in your plant and equipment will be identified and prevented from becoming a major production breakdown. In fact, the techniques in Plant Wellness Way EAM ensure you never have even a small operational issues from your operating assets. If any part is operating beyond its material-of-construction strength, the work processes will ensure that pre-emptive stress-reduction or part replacement is done so no failure event can happen. By removing and managing the causes of component stress you minimize the change of your operating equipment’s parts failing.

To get the utmost operating success you need to deliberately create reliability for the parts in your operating assets. Keep doing that to all your assets and you will surely reach the heights of world class reliability and operating profits.

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