How to Create a Plant Wellness Way Life Cycle Enterprise Asset Management System

Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management is used by companies to successfully get world-class engineering asset management, maintenance, and reliability

Welcome to the start of the training users get on how to build a Plant Wellness Way enterprise asset life cycle management system-of-reliability once their company begins using the PWWEAM methodology.

Throughout the course we interchange the name of the methodology commonly called ‘Enterprise Asset Management’ with engineering asset management, physical asset management, and asset life-cycle management. All these names mean the same thing. We also will switch between referring to Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management methodology to shorter versions, such as PWW EAM or PWW.

On the left of slide, below, is the Plant Wellness Way logo. This logo is an inverted triangle for a few reasons. Firstly, it is because the PWW EAM methodology totally changes enterprise asset life cycle management system designing, development, and implementation. Flipping the traditional approach on it’s head, so to speak. Secondly, when building a Plant Wellness Way EAM system, we start at the bottom with the atomic microstructure in equipment parts. In PWW EAM, the reliability of parts microstructure is paramount.

The second image, another upside-down triangle, contains the simplest definition of what a Plant Wellness Way asset life cycle management system is. The operational and maintenance processes and practices that achieve world-class asset reliability and production. When we say “the right” processes and practices, what we mean is the ones that bring the most value. These have been chosen because they are based on the scientific reasons that machine parts fail.

The PWW EAM methodology is a framework and pathway that creates a complete asset life cycle management system. You design, build, and embed processes that specifically get outstandingly reliable plant and equipment performance. When you make a decision with the PWW methodology, you are doing so based on scientific facts. As a result, your decisions will eliminate business risks, improve productivity, and achieve profit growth.

This slide is a companion to the new Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness book. The book has extensive information, all the necessary templates, and useful examples of how to design and build your own Plant Wellness Way enterprise asset life cycle management system-of-reliability. Links to purchase the book are provided below.

How Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management is used to design and build an EAM System for Operational Excellence

Slide 1. Start Discovering How to Create a Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Life Cycle Management System


Guarantee World Class Reliability Success for Yourself. Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness: The Complete Guide to Successful Enterprise Asset Management

Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness: The Complete Guide to Successful Enterprise Asset Management explains how to use system reliability engineering principles to design and build robust, reliable, and self-improving companies. This book explains how to develop and use integrated business systems to achieve optimal production performance and make operating fortunes.

Written by operating asset management expert Mike Sondalini, the book explains why and how Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology ensures engineering, operating, and business processes and workflows that get operational excellence.

Plant Wellness Way EAM is explained in Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness book

I have been focusing on RCM while at Toyota Motor Manufacturing NA. When I found Industrial Maintenance Wellness it bridged the gap between operational failures and component molecular failures. Mike’s process are excellent and the documents he has develop shows deep understanding of how components fail and how to prevent performance loss. I recommend it as part of a any library, for studies in reliability or team, as training tool it excels reducing the leaning curve.

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