15 Ways Precision Maintenance Removes Your Operational Risk to Get Outstanding Reliability

To increase reliability, you need to decrease the chances of failure occurring. Each chance of failure creates risk. Operating risk can be mitigated and managed by meeting all 15 Precision Maintenance excellence targets.

This list of precision maintenance excellence targets is how to ensure component parts, and the equipment they are in, always operate with optimal reliability. Each requirement must be met to the highest standard. By doing this your equipment and machinery are operating with the least microstructure stress possible and getting utmost reliability.

Table 1. The 15 Precision Maintenance Standards Needed for Operational Excellence Success
Precision Standard RequirementTargetTolerance
1Chemically correct, Contaminant-Free Lubricant

Right viscosity;

0ppm water;

12/_/_ to ISO4406

<100ppm water


2Precise Fits and Tolerance at Operating Temperature

<Form IT5;

Temperature to design

3Shafts, Bearings, Couplings Run Precise to Centre<IT5<IT7
4Distortion-Free Equipment for its Entire Lifetime<IT5<IT7
5Forces and Loads into Rigid Mounts and Supports


No Softfoot


Two shims

6Precise Shaft Alignment at Operating TemperatureCoupling / Feet offset <10µm / 20µm<20µm / 40µm
7Precisely Balanced Rotating Parts<G1<G2.5
8Least Total Machine Vibration<1.5mm/s rms<2.5mm/s
9Precise Torques and Tensions in all Components±5% of correct tension±10% of correct tension
10Correct Tools in Precise Condition to do quality workAs new and calibratedAs new and calibrated
11Only In-specification PartsOEM spec material and designTo OEM specifications
12Precision Skills and TechniquesCompetent to precision standardsCompetent to precision
13Failure Cause RemovalCreative Disassembly;
Precision Assembly
Creative Disassembly
14Proof Test for Precision Assembly QualityEvery task quality on TARGETMilestones in TOLERANCE
15Quality assurance system to make all the above happen together, forevermoreACE 3T Quality SystemITP (Inspection & Test Plan)

With Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology, each precision maintenance excellence standard has an associated target value. The target is set at a world class quality standard and found in books written by experts on each specific requirement.

To help guide your company towards this Target value, a Tolerance is specified. This Tolerance indicates the variation allowed for each PM excellence standard. Tolerance values are as per international engineering standards and original equipment manufacturer’s technical and operating manuals.

Achieving all 15 precision standard requirements concurrently is how you guarantee your equipment and machinery to operate and perform to their utmost reliability. The last requirement—establishing a work quality assurance system—is necessary to ensure all the other precision maintenance excellence standards are achieved and sustained for the lifetime of your operating assets.