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What Is ISO 55001?

Managing assets across their lifecycle is a key challenge for businesses as they grow. ISO 55001 sets the standards for asset management systems. It’s designed to make sure your asset management practices are effective and consistent. Here’s what it offers:

Streamlined Asset Management Strategies

Fortified Risk Management

Trustable Industry Reputation

Amplified Financial Returns

What is ISO 55001 Asset Management - Plant Wellness Way
What is ISO 55001 Asset Management - Plant Wellness Way

Choose PWW & Get ISO 55001 Certification Quickly

With our structured approach, you will meet all ISO 55001 asset management requirements without any unnecessary revisions or delays. Our streamlined process fits smoothly into your existing operations, ensuring minimal disruption.

Proven Methodology:
We guarantee a reliable and effective certification process.

Streamlined Process:
We ensure quick and seamless integration with minimal disruption.

Comprehensive Coverage:
We address every requirement of ISO 55001 thoroughly.

Minimised Risk:
We reduce the risk of non-compliance and operational hiccups.

PWW’s Seven-Step Approach to Comprehensive ISO 55001 Asset Management

At PWW, we maximise the potential of ISO 55001 through our seven-step methodology, ensuring an integrated and all-encompassing approach to asset management. Here’s how we help you achieve excellence in asset management:

Strategic Alignment

We align your asset management strategy with your organisational policies, ensuring coherence and synergy. This alignment means everything works together smoothly, helping your entire organisation move in the same direction.

Leadership Commitment

We secure ownership and commitment from your leadership, driving the resources and execution needed for success. With our approach, you get unwavering support from the top, which is crucial for achieving asset management success.

Strategic Planning

We help you define a robust plan for delivering your asset management strategy, aligning it with your organisational objectives and managing stakeholder expectations. This planning creates a clear roadmap, ensuring everyone knows the goals and how to achieve them.

Resource Identification

We identify and allocate the resources necessary to support your asset management plan, addressing any gaps and ensuring sufficiency. Proper resource allocation means you have everything you need to succeed without any shortcomings.

Operational Execution

We execute your asset management plan with precision, mapping out operations and effectively communicating the plan to all stakeholders. Flawless implementation ensures your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Performance Evaluation

We evaluate the performance of your asset management system, measuring it against planned objectives and identifying areas for enhancement. Continuous monitoring means you can spot and address issues quickly, keeping everything on track.

Continuous Improvement

We implement measures to identify and address non-conformities, proactively identifying performance gaps and driving continuous improvement. Fostering a culture of ongoing enhancement ensures your asset management system always gets better.

Work with a PWW EAM System-of-Reliability Expert and get an expert EAM system ready for ISO 55001 certification, ensuring top-notch ISO for Enterprise Asset Management.

Ready to Transform Your Asset Management?

Begin your journey to ISO 55001 certification and become part of a network of successful certified businesses.

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It’s time to unlock the benefits of expert guidance and proven success with PWW’s expert guides and coaches. Our team specialises in helping businesses in manufacturing, utilities, and industrial sectors achieve top-notch asset management and ISO 55001 certification.

Industry Leaders: Our team comprises experts with decades of experience.

Successful Track Record: Numerous businesses have achieved ISO 55001 with our help.

Comprehensive Knowledge: In-depth understanding of asset management standards.s

What is ISO 55001 Asset Management - Plant Wellness Way

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PWW Training and Coaching

Empower Your Team

In-Depth Training

Equip your team with the necessary skills to excel in asset management.

Continuous Coaching

Receive ongoing mentorship to ensure the correct application of methodologies.

Knowledge Transfer

Your team learns to maintain and improve the system, ensuring long-term success.

The Long-Term Outcomes Of Asset Management Certification

Achieve continuous savings with long-term reductions in operational costs, enjoy ongoing efficiency through sustained improvement in asset management practices, and future-proof your business to prepare for future challenges.

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