Industry Examples

The Plant Wellness Way methodology takes a new approach to ensure great business decisions are made for your whole company, including the choices made for asset management, operational performance, and maintenance strategies.

Deepen your understanding of the Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management methodology and philosophy with these articles. Written for easy digestion of the processes and concepts discussed.

Mining Industry

To support mine site operations avoid business and operational risks, Plant Wellness Way uses a series of double-checks within the development process. Ensuring any changes made will be economically viable and achieve effective risk management.

Manufacturing Industry

Plant Wellness Way provides manufacturing companies the solution they have been looking for – a new approach to enterprise asset management system that reliably increases operational performance and reduces costs.

Processing Industry

PWW methodology is an EAM that is ISO55001 compliant, includes precision maintenance processes, and ensures high maintenance work quality. A customizable solution to achieve operational excellence and world class quality outputs.

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