Applying Plant Wellness Way EAM

Build a life-cycle-long, business-wide system-of-reliability where asset management, operations, and maintenance strategies guarantee world class operational reliability.

The Plant Wellness Way (PWW) EAM methodology seamlessly integrates into and improves your existing operation systems and processes.

The IONICS process and analysis tools are designed to meet the needs of any organization or department with physical assets. It is scalable and adaptable, allowing you to trial the PWW method on individual assets or departments and monitor the results.
You are in full control of what changes your company makes. The knowledge, tools and process contained in the PWW methodology guide you to make decisions that will lead you towards operational excellence. Comprehensively review existing operations. Make decisions that produce both short and long term financial and operational performance improvements. Develop a system that supports precision operating zones and improves equipment availability. Get the most out of the existing resources available.

As part of the Plant Wellness Way approach, we offer you access to training, coaching, and consulting opportunities to support the implementation process.

Operational Application

Intentionally design a comprehensive enterprise asset management system for operational excellence. The IONICS process and broader PWW EAM methodology show you how to improve plant uptime with cost effective risk management processes. With this EAM method these processes are installed into your company at every level. Combined with work quality assurance measures and continuous improvement processes, your operations will be able to reach true world class reliability and become a zero-failure operation.

Maintenance Department Application

Before taking on transforming your whole organization for the better, Plant Wellness Way can be implemented to just within the Maintenance Department. Experience first-hand the outstanding results that are available from using PWW, including reduced maintenance costs and improved equipment availability, without disrupting other departments.

Plant Wellness Way Explained

A C-Suite and Executive level overview of the Plant Wellness Way EAM Methodology.

Thinking Differently about Operational Management

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