How Plant Wellness Way Works

The most effective way to create operational excellence and outstanding asset health.

Every part of a business system is interconnected. To improve equipment reliability and achieve world class operational performance, each part of the system must function in their optimal operating zone. The most effective way to do this is to create an environment that supports operational excellence and outstanding asset health.

We believe that all business systems are designed exactly for the results they produce.

We believe that you can design an optimal business system.


The Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology is based on the Stress to Process Model. The Stress to Process Model is a conceptual model based on the Physics of Failure. However, in a practical content PWW EAM uses the IONICS process. Firstly, the IONICS process identifies how components may fail. Secondly, it then guides the users to develop the processes necessary to prevent them. Once complete, the PWW EAM methodology produces an ISO55001 compliant holistic enterprise and asset management system. Within 6 months, the system can be implemented. Resulting in bringing any company closer to world class reliability and operational excellence.

The Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology asks your organization and team to think for themselves. We provide you the necessary tools, resources, and knowledge in a logical process (IONICS) to intentionally engineer the best possible maintenance strategy, and supporting business systems, that achieves outstanding asset life cycle health for your organization.

Precision Maintenance

Develop work processes that create precision operating zones

Continuous Improvement

Create a culture of continuous improvement process

Quality Control

Use standard operating procedures to their full potential

Asset Management

Produce systems for outstanding asset life cycle management

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Discover how the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology works with these industry-based worked examples

Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness: The Complete Guide to Successful Enterprise Asset Management

Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness: The Complete Guide to Successful Enterprise Asset Management explains how to use reliability engineering principles to design and build robust, reliable, and self-improving companies. This book explains how to develop and use integrated business systems to achieve optimal production performance.

Written by Asset Management expert Mike Sondalini, the creator and author of The Plant Wellness Way EAM, this revolutionary work goes beyond basic plant management. Instead, it describes a completely new way to engineer and implement business processes and work flow strategies, resulting in overall operational excellence.

“Mike created what could basically be referred to as an ISO 55001 implementation manual, with a big picture holistic engineering reliability approach to asset management.  You will be surprised how he did that while also expanding on his existing ‘Plant Wellness Way’ methodology in just 286 pages! I also like how he emphasized throughout the book, attention to life cycle cost. Something that has been lacking in our industry. A must-read in today’s world.

Don Fitchett

Business Industrial Network (

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