Build a Plant Wellness Way EAM System-of-Reliability for Endless World Class Plant and Equipment Reliability

A Plant Wellness Way EAM System eliminates business and operating risk with asset life cycle management strategy and processes that ensure outstandingly reliable plant, equipment and machinery

A Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management system eradicates the operating risks that stop you getting the world class plant and equipment reliability needed for Operational Excellence results

PWWEAM methodology re-engineers your business system with life cycle asset management processes specifically built to get utmost operating success and profits forevermore


There are 3 things you must to do to create world-class reliability and maintenance success in your operation:

  1. Prevent stress, fatigue and contamination of your equipment parts — your machines only stop when their parts fail. The health of your equipment parts fatally impacts any chance you have for operational excellence
  2. Control work quality and task accuracy throughout the engineering asset management life-cycle to protect against ‘human factors’ and human error. Mistakes, misunderstanding and ignorance by people during design, manufacture, selection, storage, installation, operation, and maintenance cause 70 to 80 percent of your plant availability and reliability problems
  3. Build life-cycle asset management processes full of defect elimination and zero breakdown strategies. A successful life-cycle asset management system naturally produces the first two requirements.

Take the path straight to world class plant and equipment reliability. Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) makes world class reliability formulaic—build and use a Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability and you get world class reliable operating assets. Follow Plant Wellness Way EAM (PWWEAM) to design, build, and embed a life-cycle-long, business-wide system for world class asset reliability.


How Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management Methodology Gets Your Machines to World Class Reliability

If the parts don’t fail, your machines don’t stop! That’s what PWWEAM does—designs and locks into your business DNA the right processes and practices for outstanding plant and equipment reliability. You turn reliability into a powerful competitive advantage that maximizes your operating profits forevermore.

Plant Wellness Way EAM (PWWEAM) delivers world class plant and equipment reliability by focusing your energy and efforts on only doing what truly brings outstanding reliability to your assets. PWWEAM creates the utmost effective business and asset life cycle management processes. It puts best reliability processes and practices throughout your operation that ensure the health and wellness of your equipment’s components—because PWWEAM guarantees the parts never fail, it makes your machines world class reliable.

A Plant Wellness Way EAM system gives you the optimal life cycle asset management processes that guarantee least maintenance costs, world class reliable assets, highest asset utilization, and the utmost production output. Your company naturally gets outstandingly reliable production plant and equipment because you build an ideal Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability to deliver those specific results.



The vital difference between other enterprise asset management systems and a Plant Wellness Way EAM system is with PWWEAM you know exactly HOW you will get outstanding plant and equipment reliability. Other EAM methodologies do not detail how to get world class asset reliability—PWWEAM gives you everything you need to do to rapidly become a world class reliability success story.

Learn why Plant Wellness Way enterprise asset management methodology makes all previous enterprise asset management methodologies obsolete at webpage Turn Asset Life Cycle Management on Its Head to Get Operational Excellence.

PWWEAM gives you the answers that all prior asset management and maintenance management methodologies could not—the step-by-step requirements that bring you world class operating asset reliability.

Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management is a systematic physical asset management methodology that provides you sure world class reliability solutions needed for operational excellence results. PWWEAM lets you identify and design into your company’s DNA the simplest and most certain way to get world class asset management performance—no matter who you are, or what industry you are in.

For world class asset reliability you need the right combination of tools, techniques and methods across the asset life cycle and throughout your business. You must focus on doing the important things that deliver highly reliable operational assets. If you take the wrong focus you do many things that are of little value in achieving the plant and equipment reliability you want. Everyone in the organization is busy, but they are doing too much that is unimportant for enterprise asset management success, and so you miss out on operational excellence performance.

The ‘Stress-to-Process’ Plant Wellness Way enterprise asset management model below explains how the right business processes are put into your company. It’s purpose is to produce world-class maintenance, reliability and operational success and profits. This scientifically-based model prevents equipment parts failing and so your equipment never stops. It delivers least maintenance cost and utmost Uptime with the utmost effective enterprise asset management system and processes.



PWW EAM is the first, true Physics-of-Failure based enterprise asset management and maintenance management methodology. PWWEAM methodology uses materials science, reliability engineering and risk management principles, its scientific approach ensures you get effective, success-bringing processes in your operation. With PWWEAM you know exactly how to make world-class operational asset reliability happen in your company. It’s quite astounding how much more production success you get in very quick time with a Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability. Calculate the new, extra operating profits you will make each year from your Plant Wellness EAM system with the information in this PDF white paper, The Plant Wellness Way Difference.

The ‘Parts Stress to Business Process’ asset reliability model lets you build an engineering asset management system to deliver the low stresses your machines need for a long, failure-free life. With the right life cycle and business processes you can surely bring world-class maintenance and reliability to your plant and equipment.
The ways and methods for successful, lasting life cycle enterprise asset management are what you automatically do in a Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability. When you adopt PWWEAM your company cannot stay the same—within three years you can have world class asset reliability.

A Plant Wellness Way EAM system gives you the correct life cycle practices, apply the right methods, and use the work quality assurance that produces outstanding and lasting plant and equipment reliability. You get powerful work management tools and quality control techniques that make sure the right ways are always practiced in your company.


The Plant Wellness Way EAM Secret to Life Cycle Asset Management Success

Because Plant Wellness Way EAM is an enterprise asset management methodology based on Physics-of-Failure science it proactively prevents the materials in your parts failing. Eliminate parts failure and you also completely eliminate the associated business and operating risks forever. The Physic-of-Failure science approach makes PWWEAM a universal EAM methodology that works on every physical asset. Every company can use the universally applicable PWWEAM to get trouble-free, world-class reliable operating plant and equipment everywhere.

The Plant Wellness Way EAM is the next generation of asset management methodology. It uses simple analytical tools, simple software solutions, simple measurements for operational success and effective life cycle strategies that keep your machines and equipment healthy all their service lifetime.

With PWWEAM you do not maintain and repair your equipment, but instead you create the right conditions for your operating plant and machines to stay well and healthy all life-long. You produce lasting health by providing the causes of high equipment reliability. You instigate and sustain the necessary longevity requirements and practices in your operation so plant and equipment wellness always results.

When you have a physical asset management methodology with the word Wellness in its title you have to look at maintenance in a totally different light. If you have to repair your equipment, then, from a PWWEAM perspective, your processes to deliver equipment health and well-being have failed. Your machines are not at all well if you have to fix them.

The great power of the Plant Wellness Way EAM is its simple approach—one methodology to create exceptional equipment reliability that works for every operation. The same PWWEAM methodology is used on all physical assets and adapts to each operation’s circumstances. PWWEAM arrives at the successful maintenance and reliability practices that cause your equipment to be healthy, and ensure they are designed into your business practices. World class reliability performance is locked into place in your business habits and culture forever.
Plant Wellness Way EAM lets you introduce and sustain the proper business-wide discipline you need to quickly improve your plant and equipment maintenance performance, lower your maintenance costs, lift your plant uptime and create new operational profits because your equipment always performs reliably. You can read more details in this short PDF report about introducing the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology.

By using PWWEAM you will identify exactly what to do to make your equipment healthy. You can now improve your asset maintenance and plant operating processes and practices so that you always get the world-class operational asset performance that drives operational excellence success.


The plant wellness way EAM system elements - people, processes, culture and capital 
Plant Wellness Way EAM Elements
World class equipment performance needs the right reliability improvement practices in your operation at each stage of your plant and equipment’s life-cycle. That’s what the PWW EAM methodology does. It gives your business the methodology and structure to build the culture, systems, processes and practices that create the world-class equipment reliability you need for low cost production with low cost maintenance. You create reliability and maintenance excellence that rapidly takes your business to world-class maintenance management and operational performance. With world-class processes, practices and behavior you cannot help but get world-class productivity from highly reliable plant and equipment that have the lowest maintenance costs.


With Plant Wellness Way EAM You Take the Straight Pathway to Maintenance and Reliability Excellence

PWWEAM instills best-practice maintenance and reliability excellence throughout an asset’s life cycle. It works for every organization, operation, and physical asset. Your operational success is achieved because the methods and practices of world-class maintenance and world-class reliability are embedded and used in your business-wide system design. The figure below shows what happens in your company when Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability releases the greatest operating performance and operating profit achievable from your business.


A Plant Wellness Way EAM System Gets Utmost Operating Profits and Least Maintenance Costs by Creating World Class Asset Reliability

Human Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being that is disease-free. It encourages an integrated and dynamic level of performance. It is dependent on self-responsibility and focuses on maximizing ones potential.

A Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability gives you a systematic method for generating maximum operating profit (i.e. maximizing your potential) through failure elimination (i.e. disease-free), risk management and proactive maintenance (i.e. seeking complete well-being), loss and waste elimination (i.e. integrated and dynamic performance), and work quality assurance (i.e. self-responsibility).

Plant Wellness Way is a perfect metaphor for world class maintenance, reliability, and enterprise asset management success. With the right proactive asset life-cycle, maintenance and reliability processes and practices in your Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability you end all your reliability and maintenance problems. You stop your production problems with asset life cycle processes and maintenance practices that remove the defects which cause your plant and equipment failures.

PWWEAM gets rapid reliability improvement and low maintenance costs because it makes you apply what we call ‘Series System Reliability Improvement Property No. 3’ in your business. It makes you create a best-practice maintenance and reliability culture across your operation that leads to quick reliability growth and a rapid fall in maintenance costs seemingly overnight.

You can make operating fortunes from reliability and maintenance excellence. The return is around ten to one—for every dollar you save doing maintenance because of equipment failures, you make an extra ten dollars in operating profit. Those big, new profits are a very powerful business case for getting high reliability from your organization’s assets. The PDF white paper, The Instantaneous Cost of Failure to Your Business, explains how to calculate the business-wide fortunes lost from your plant and equipment breakdowns.

Plant Wellness Way EAM System-of-Reliability Uses the Six-Step IONICS Process to Design and Embed World Class Asset Reliability in Your Company

Now, it can be a certainty to get best-practice maintenance and world-class reliability results from your business. You need only select the right blend of best-practice engineering asset management, combined with efficient, lean process improvements, and then lock them in-place with a truly effective work quality assurance system. New profits from your operation will pour into your bank with your new world-class competitive maintenance and reliability system.

The unique Plant and Equipment Wellness Methodology uses the 6-step IONICS process to control the five important issues in successful engineering asset management – variability in outcomes, prevention of failure, life-cycle risk control, work quality assurance and process step value contribution. IONICS simply means to Identify risks and effects, Order risks by criticality, Negate component risks, Imbed risk controls across the life cycle, Cultivate chance of process success, and Synthesize continual improvements.

A Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability has just one focus—to create the smallest and most profitable asset life-cycle management and maintenance management system that forever delivers best practice maintenance and reliability excellence TO your equipment.

When you implement the defect elimination requirements, risk reduction processes and reliability growth methodologies of Plant and Equipment Wellness, you:

  • guarantee use of best practice maintenance and contractor work quality assurance
  • reduce maintenance costs in your operation by creating failure-free equipment,
  • deliver outstanding precision operation of all production plant and machinery,
  • encourage management and employees to create world class reliability solutions,
  • make your operation a highly reliable organization that its people vigorously support,
  • build superior business processes that deliver failure prevention,
  • drive the ‘chance risk reduction’ mindset of a high reliability organization,
  • produce top quality product with failure-free, reliable equipment.

A Plant Wellness Way EAM System: The Sure Path to the World Class Asset Reliability You Need for Operational Excellence

You will be wonderfully surprised at how simple it is to create your own industrial asset management success when your maintenance and reliability system forever eliminates your plant and equipment reliability problems. This is inevitable when you create life-cycle maintenance and reliability systems and processes that produce world class asset reliability in your organization. Use a Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability and you will introduce high-profit life-cycle asset management, precision operation, and precision maintenance solutions into your operation that naturally create outstanding production asset reliability.


How a Plant Wellness Way EAM System Delivers New Profits Now Lost to Your Business

The image below shows the business effects on an Enterprise that Adopts the Plant Wellness Way. It explains what the Plant Wellness Way does to an operation to recover lost and wasted operating profits.
Your Company produces products that are meant to be of a set quality, but occasionally there are errors that need to be fixed, or money is wasted on needless quality. If you have too many mistakes, problems and overspends you rapidly lose your operating profit.

The errors, wastes and excesses you see in your business result from your business system design. The late quality guru, W. Edwards Deming saw the problem. He said, “Your business is perfectly designed to deliver the results that you get.”

Deming was warning us that all your business, operational and maintenance problems are caused by the design of your company systems and its work processes.

We have known about the problem of designed-in business process waste, errors and loss since the 1920’s when Walter A. Shewhart of the Bell Telephone Laboratories developed the first work process control tools. W. Edwards Deming learnt from Shewhart and explained it to Japanese managers and engineers in 1950. The Japanese managers and engineers listened and grew to understand what Deming meant. They became world class quality leaders and created highly profitable companies. Most of the rest of the world did not both to heed Deming’s simple message!

The dark, outside distribution curve in the Enterprise Wellness Way image represents the current range of outputs from your operation. Dead center is optimal quality and cost—only what you need; nothing more and nothing less. To the right is money spent unnecessarily on quality you did not need. Like using a pressure coded welder for welding a pipe support bracket, or using a Licensed Technician to do laboring work—you just spent triple the money that you should have spent! To the left is poor and bad quality—all the scrap and rework you now waste. Any outlier results way out on the sides are complete madness.



What the “Enterprise Wellness Way” does for your Company, and a Plant Wellness Way EAM system does for your Operation and Maintenance, is to drive performance closer and closer to the optimal. Rapidly, your engineering, supply chains, production, warehousing, and maintenance processes become ideal. The operational performance becomes the red distribution curve hugging the Optimal result. Because all your production is done excellently, the moneys that were wasted and lost to problems, troubles and excesses turn immediately into new operating profits.

The closer you get to Optimal the more operating profit you must make. There are huge ‘hidden’ fortunes waiting for you to collect! Using a Plant Wellness Way EAM system quickly increases operational profit, slashes maintenance costs, stops work quality problems and gets much more production from your operation. The PWWEAM secret is in how it gets the correct world class business, operational and reliability processes into your company so your operations are naturally highly productive and highly profitable.


Start Creating and Using a Plant Wellness Way EAM System-of-Reliability

Lifetime Reliability Solutions Consultants teach you and your people to use the Plant Wellness Way asset life-cycle management methodology to build a Plant Wellness Way EAM system-of-reliability. In a five-day course you learn how to create simple, highly efficient and effective business, operational and maintenance processes that stop your operational problems and make your operating assets world class reliable.

We also show you how to lock that operational success into your business DNA and ensure your new operating triumph is sustained forevermore.

You are taught to develop robust and comprehensive life cycle asset management processes that lets you create a successful engineering asset management solution. You learn to incorporate world class engineering asset management systems and high reliability processes into your business.

You follow the 6-step IONICS process to identify your competitive maintenance and reliability excellence opportunities. With PWW EAM, you design the easiest, least cost ways to create maintenance and reliability excellence for your equipment parts. The Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology finds the right asset management strategies, processes and methods that solve your reliability and maintenance problems. You learn to use the Plant Wellness Way to plan exactly how and what to do to move your operation to world-class maintenance and engineering asset management performance, simply, quickly, and for least cost.

Using Plant Wellness Way EAM gives operations and sites long-lasting competitive advantage. It brings rapid, continuous improvement for its Users. When you take a Plant Wellness Way EAM into your company you commit to mastering the processes and practices that create outstanding and stunning equipment reliability.

You adopt Plant Wellness EAM as the one and only way to do maintenance and reliability in your company. It is a systematic, life cycle focused, enterprise asset management methodology that works for every business. The Plant Wellness Way EAM provides you with one method, one path, to magnificent reliability results forevermore. It is a sure way to lasting operational excellence for those who use it.

The Plant Wellness Way EAM Framework Manual is a PDF document summarizing the approach used to create a Plant Wellness Way EAM System. It overviews the business quality system framework you establish to unleash the power of the Plant Wellness Way physical asset management methodology.

You can read a comprehensive and complete explanation of PWWEAM in the Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness book. You get extensive explanation and information, all the necessary templates with examples of how to use them to design and build a Plant Wellness Way enterprise asset life cycle management system. The book is available from its publisher, Industrial Press, and from Amazon Books.

Do you have questions on using Plant Wellness Way EAM? Please ring us, write an email, or fill in the form at the Contact Us webpage and we will give you with all the information you require. You will be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to get world class reliability in your company.