Operational Excellence and Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management System-of-Reliability

The Operational Excellence Consultants With the Plant Wellness Way EAM Methodology to Operational Excellence Success

Your operation quickly releases and collects new operating fortunes with life cycle operational risk reduction strategy to eliminate production losses.
The Plant Wellness Way prevents operational and maintenance problems with powerful Operations and Maintenance solutions.


Operational Excellence means world class production performance all the time, every operating day. It also means you maximize the number of operating days and operating hours at least operating costs.

We are Operational Excellence Consultants who the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology to get lasting Operational Excellence performance. The Plant Wellness Way Methodology is designed to create optimal success and take your company directly to world class operational performance with the least effort and least cost.



Plant Wellness Way Operational Excellence strategy is so simple that everyone in the business understands it. It is believable, so everyone supports it. It is effective so you can be sure to get to productivity and performance gains fast. It is sustainable so that your company delivers Operational Excellence results forevermore.

Our Operational Excellence Consultants uses the Plant Wellness Way Methodology because it rapidly creates certain Operational Excellence results in industrial companies.


How the Plant Wellness Way Delivers You a Powerful and Successful Industrial Operational Excellence Solution

To help explain the life cycle, business-wide perspective that Plant Wellness Way (PWW) covers we use the acronym FORTUNE (because that is what you get when you use PWW to create Operational Excellence):

  1. Fix the problem not minimize its symptoms
  2. Optimize the operational value-adding streams with plant and equipment risk elimination
  3. Remove all enterprise asset failures with best failure prevention practices
  4. T4 quality of an Accuracy Controlled Enterprise (T4 = Target-Tolerance-Test-Time)
  5. Use precision maintenance and precision operation with all physical assets
  6. Numerate how to achieve Operational Excellence using the IONICS six-step process
    1. Identify business and operational risks
    2. Order risks by importance
    3. Numerate risk reduction options
    4. Introduce risk control solutions
    5. Control operational processes
    6. Synthesize new ideas for continuous improvement

7. Expose the hidden wealth from your new Operational Excellence company

The Plant Wellness Way of getting Operational Excellence changes your company into a world class business.

  • Where once you lived with operational and maintenance problems by minimizing the effect of their symptoms—PWW completely removes their cause.
  • The work-arounds you did in the past to keep production going can be done away with because production troubles evaporate.
  • What was once ‘acceptable’ levels of equipment failure will no longer apply as repeat equipment failures disappear.
  • The poor quality products you had to accept no longer cause strife and rework because you gain complete control over unwanted variation.
  • Your maintenance system starts to work properly and your equipment breakdowns, stoppages and outages quickly stop occurring.
  • You will know exactly how your operation is performing now, and how it is going to perform in future, with insightful measures and tracking.
  • The operating profits now lost and wasted, that are considered to be ‘part of doing business’, will be recovered and become your new operating profits.


Our Operational Excellence Consultants Use IONICS to Eliminate Operational Risks and Proactively Create Outstanding Reliability

IONICS is the proprietary 6-set process that we use to identify your business process problems, identify effective answers, and ensure the successful integration of your new solutions into the workplace.
IONICS allows our Operational Excellence Consultants to chart and achieve sure progress toward your company’s operational improvement goals. It means that we can ensure completion of your project to schedule. The IONICS steps: (1) prevent bottle-necking at difficult improvement project stages, (2) coordinate risk management between the multiple levels of your project so all activities progress on time, and (3) balance progress rate with available resources to control costs to your budget.

At the end of the change program your business is set-up to be an Operational Excellence performer. Your business gains a huge competitive advantage. It gets low operating costs by removing countless operating risks. It locks-in high productivity success with an operating and maintenance system full of the practices and methods that bring world class production results. The success is sustained into the future with processes that will continuously improve.

Ask one of Operational Excellence Consultants today how to build a huge, sustained competitive advantage with business processes that always deliver world-class operational performance. Follow this link to get our telephone and email details from the Contact Us page.