Become a Local PWW EAM Consultant and Take Clients to World Class Reliability Success

Be the PWW EAM Consultant Who Companies Go To for World Class Enterprise Asset Management and Reliability Success


Approved consultants use the Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) methodology, tools and techniques to help Clients get world class plant and equipment reliability.

You get the premium EAM solution that puts you at the forefront of enterprise asset management and maintenance management consultants.

Industries, manufacturers, utilities, process operations, resources, maritime—every operating site— around the world wants truly effective, sure answers and solutions to their operational, maintenance and business problems.

The purposely built Plant Wellness Way enterprise asset management methodology is designed to ensure world class reliability, maintenance, and new operational successes for its users.

A PWW EAM Consultant License gives you 100 percent access to this unique, physics-of-failure based EAM methodology. You gain exclusive consulting opportunities to offer the top class, premium EAM solution, which is available from your approved consultancy.

A Plant Wellness Way EAM Consultant Licence gives new marketing options. It can be used to generate new interest from past and current clients, and to attract new prospects to your company. You can build a consulting business with a unique competitive advantage that unlicensed consultants can never have. It helps you to secure more work from loyal, satisfied customers who value the high quality and effective solutions you provide for them.

General Training Pty Ltd, owner of the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology, approves consultants to use the methodology. Approved Consultants can also license operating sites to use the Plant Wellness Way EAM as their enterprise asset management, reliability management, and maintenance management methodology. Licensing gives you new ways to gain business, build additional income streams for your company, and generate new profits.

As an approved consultant, you get all the training needed to learn and apply the methodology. You get all new developments and improvements to the methodology. You get professional backing and advice from other consultants in the Consultant Network to help you grow your client base and satisfy your customers.

Approved Plant Wellness Way EAM Consultants can develop new markets with higher profits through consulting opportunities that provide premium asset management and maintenance consulting services. Your business can offer a powerful, simple methodology that delivers your customers outstanding operating asset reliability. You can give your clients world class enterprise asset management and maintenance consultancy services that brings them successful results.

Read more about the exclusive methodology you get as an approved consultant delivering the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology for enterprise asset management and operational excellence in your marketing region.

Approved Consultants can also license PWW EAM to their Clients’ sites through a site license for individual operations and plants. A site license entitles the authorised party to use the Plant Wellness EAM methodology and all its tools and techniques. You can get an appreciation of how PWW EAM can help industrial operations by reviewing the booklet the Plant Wellness Way to Asset Management Success for Executives and Managers.

When you license operating sites they pay you a fee to use the PWW EAM methodology. You thereby secure long term work and lasting income by providing your services to support their business improvement efforts. You can also recruit other Consultants to use PWW EAM and receive ongoing license income from them.


As a PWW EAM Consultant, you gain the right to use the Plant Wellness Way EAM Methodology with your clients, and to offer it to new prospects. You secure a unique set of processes and the tools to create plant and equipment reliability needed for operational excellence in your Clients’ businesses. The methodology contains a simple, standardised process for enterprise asset management and maintenance strategy development that produces an optimal asset management solution. You customise your Clients’ asset maintenance strategy and operational practices to exactly what they need for high production equipment reliability, and trouble-free plant and equipment operation.

Licensees Get More Consulting Opportunities

With the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology, you have an offer for your Clients that lets you produce asset maintenance strategy with the highest equipment reliability and lowest maintenance costs achievable. Plant Wellness Way EAM allows you to offer your Client companies operational risk reduction, life cycle asset management processes, and maintenance strategies that surely deliver new operating profits. You can offer your Clients and prospects a great competitive advantage that unauthorised asset management and maintenance consultancies can never give them.

All new approved consultants get full and thorough training in Plant Wellness Way EAM in a five day training program. Newly licensed consultants get a marketing kit to help them explain the Plant Wellness Way to their prospective clients. You can find a 1MB PDF introduction to the kit at this web link: Plant and Enterprise Wellness Way EAM Basic Marketing Kit.

Approved Consultants get the complete, full details and secrets that turn Plant Wellness Way EAM into a powerful operational excellence process to maximise equipment reliability and plant uptime, while ensuring exceptionally low maintenance costs.
You can read a draft example of the Plant Wellness Way EAM Consultant License Agreement. Contact us if you want to see the latest, full version of the Agreement.

If you want to know more about the consulting opportunities you gain as an approved PWW Consultant please find our head office contact details and request more information.

Information for Operating Sites to License the Plant Wellness Way Methodology

Operating sites, industrial companies and multi-national organisations can get world class operational performance with Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management. The Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology can be accessed through approved PWW EAM Consultants. Your consultant’s role is to help you develop a powerful “system-of-reliability” and all its processes, build correct knowledge databases, support your workplace uptake of new PWW EAM practices, and to monitor and improve the use of the PWW EAM methodology in your operation.
Licensed sites and operations get Plant Wellness Way EAM methods, techniques and tools that deliver life-cycle, business-wide, disciplined processes for plant and equipment reliability excellence. You will also gain an approved professional consultant as your mentor and guide in applying the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology. By taking a site license you get access to all the consulting resources you need to make Plant Wellness Way EAM work brilliantly in your business.

For more information about getting an operating site license please make contact with an Approved Plant Wellness Way EAM Consultant for more details and information.

All the very best to you,

Mike Sondalini