Top 3 EAM System Design and Use Insights from the Chapter in ‘Out of the Crisis’ by W. Edwards Deming


In ‘Out of the Crisis’ Deming warned that organizations using Western style of management doomed themselves. They needed to drop the short-sighted ‘next quarter dividend imperative’ driving management thinking and strategy. Instead, replace it with long-term plans and actions for securing the future by innovating what consumers wanted. He wrote, “The only possible answer (for long-term survival) lies in better design, better quality, and greater productivity.” Deming forecast up to 10-years to establish the necessary knowledge and skills base, and it could take over 30-years to reach world class performance. In all that time the Japanese would not stand still, they would forge ahead every year of those 30-years. If you want world class EAM system performance, your company does not have 30-years to make it happen—it does not have 10-years either!

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Top 3 EAM system insights this article helps you to appreciate:

    •  21st Century asset management focus is pro-active removal of ‘the cause of the cause’ of failure.
    • A successful enterprise asset management system gets world class EAM system performance.
    • Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology aims to have a world class EAM system within 3-years.

Deming’s more than three decades experience of the Japanese economic transformation taught him only companies which “adopt quality, productivity, and service, and go about it with intelligence and perseverance have a chance to survive.” Can your organization survive in the marketplace long enough to build a growing, loyal customer base by becoming one of the best in the industry? Can it match and better the onslaught of future competition and innovations in its markets, so customers keep returning?

For capital equipment intensive operations, such success needs a comprehensive, effective enterprise asset management system that ensures world class EAM performance and high operating asset productivity. It would be a necessity if you want to become, and remain, highly attractive to your consumers. It is what a PWW EAM system-of-reliability aims to achieve for its users.

Transformation in 3-Years, not 10-Years, is what PWWEAM Aims to Deliver

The image below shows that from 2015 onward the PWW EAM methodology introduced a new, powerful asset lifecycle management approach focused on failure cause prevention. Based on physics of failure science, it applied sound risk elimination methods and used practical analysis tools to find and remove the root causes of equipment breakdowns. All organizations could now get world class reliability by intentionally building a holistic lifecycle asset management system that pro-actively prevented defects and failure in operating assets.


Achieving “better design, better quality, and greater productivity” were the driving intentions for the creation of the Plant Wellness Way Enterprise Asset Management methodology. Previous physical asset management and maintenance management strategies prior 2015 did not ensure outstanding plant and equipment reliability because they did not know how to do so. PWW EAM methodology forever solved that flaw.

But far more than that, the PWW EAM methodology, by design, shortened the time it takes for a user organization to get world class enterprise asset management performance. It aims to get world class EAM performance within 3-years and no longer. Otherwise, your competition gets so far in front they are untouchable, and your organization struggles to survive—in the long-term, driven-out of business.


Mike Sondalini
PWW EAM System Consultants
4 July 2022