The CEO, Executive, Manager, and Engineer Who Wants World Class Reliability Success

Now, build an integrated, life cycle enterprise asset management system that ensures your organization gets world class reliable and profitable operating assets for all their service life


How to End Your Reliability Problems Forevermore

Until you fix your EAM system you will always suffer plant and equipment reliability problems and high maintenance costs. Nothing else you do will work!

To reach the pinnacle of world class reliability you need a scientific methodology to design and build an integrated, life cycle EAM system-of-reliability that ensures world class reliable and productive operating assets.

The modern, simple, formulaic PWW EAM methodology delivers trouble-free, zero breakdown equipment. It quickly brings world class reliability and productivity, with least operating and maintenance costs, to any operating asset.

Read about PWW EAM in the free report below, “A Different Way to Think about Operational Management.” In its pages you’ll begin to realize that you can have a life cycle EAM system that gets world class reliable operating assets with a Plant Wellness Way EAM System-of-Reliability.

For organizations that want world class operational, maintenance, and reliability success, a PWW EAM System-of-Reliability is a sure, simple way to slash operating costs, eliminate the need for maintenance, and greatly extend capital equipment service life by maximizing asset reliability forevermore. Test it on your worst performing asset and see.

Free Report: A Different Way to Think about Operational Management

Download our FREE PDF on how to Think Differently About Operational Management – A Beginner’s Guide to Thinking Outside the Box. This document explains what popular operational management systems miss, and how Plant Wellness Way delivers.

Learn how the Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology works with these industry-based worked examples


World Class Reliability the Plant Wellness way

Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness: The Complete Guide to Successful Enterprise Asset Management lets you build a system-of-reliability. Design and embed robust, reliable, self-improving processes. Develop and use integrated business systems to get optimal production performance and new operating fortunes.

Written by operating asset management expert Mike Sondalini, the book explains why and how to use Plant Wellness Way EAM methodology to get outstanding reliability needed for operational excellence.

Plant Wellness Way EAM is explained in Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness book

I have been focusing on RCM while at Toyota Motor Manufacturing NA. When I found Industrial Maintenance Wellness it bridged the gap between operational failures and component molecular failures. Mike’s process are excellent and the documents he has develop shows deep understanding of how components fail and how to prevent performance loss. I recommend it as part of a any library, for studies in reliability or team, as training tool it excels reducing the leaning curve.

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